GW2 Command is a Microsoft Windows desktop application that enhances and expands your Guild Wars 2 gaming experience by providing you a suite of tools to compliment the game. Get the latest intel and information for WvWvW to stay one step ahead of the enemy, track dynamic events and never miss an event again, and more.

Additional Features
Gw2 Command is under constant development and additional features and tools are added regularly. Some future planned features are greater support for German, French, and Spanish languages; addition of character specific tracking tools; more guild tools like a guild calendar; and more. Because Gw2 Command is under constant development, it is considered a BETA release application. You may encounter a bug or glitch now and then, but we try our best to make sure every release is as stable and bug-free as possible. Also, as a BETA release, we unfortunately cannot provide total support for this application as our time is mainly devoted to the continued development of GW2 Command. Currently implemented features include: connect to your twitter account and tweet game details; view game information on a Logitech G-Series LCD screen; and view important and up-todate information about your characters, guilds, and world versus world match-up.

Supported Operating Systems
GW2 Command is developed for Microsoft Windows versions that support the .NET Framework version 4.0 (generally Windows Vista, 7, 8/8.1, and 10.) It is a 32-bit application utilizing threading and supports multi-core platforms. GW2 Command is deployed as and supports Microsoft Click-Once, which allows simple installation and automatic updates every time you launch GW2 Command. GW2 Command does always require a constant internet connection to launch and operate.

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